The concentration of my recent body of work is on the concept of presence, existence, form, texture and intuitive gesture. The simple act of being present to the work; to devote my full attention to the surface of the canvas, in order to create raw form and texture that have the feel of daily existence. I feel that often, abstract form and texture hold indescribable qualities or powers on an intuitive level, regardless of their intentional, or unintentional references to something familiar or lack thereof; Similar to how different colors are generally associated with different moods. I’m interested in harnessing those sensations or connections provoked by viewing, to create a subconscious relationship between the work and the viewer, while at the same time, maintaining the mystery of the object it’s self. My paintings are my attempts at achieving this. I believe that the power of art lies within its mystery and to take it out of that element and try to assign a final definition to it would be a mistake. Art making for me is about materializing subconscious thought and being open to what appears. My paintings are somewhat of a meditation on materials and the natural qualities they hold. My creation methods are intuitive and often based on past ‘mistakes’. Every stroke or gesture is made on instinct, making the process impulsive and reactionary. I tend to allow the natural characteristics of the materials I have chosen dictate the compositions.


–Eric Adrian Lee 2008